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Environmental Policy

Snowman is committed to environmental stewardship in every aspect of our organization.

We work with our employees to educate and promote the understanding of effective policies that result in delivery of our services that is safe to our employees, our community and the environment.

Some of the pro-active policies to manage the impact of our services include:
  • promoting the reduction in the use of salt in favour of environmentally friendly de-icers
  • effective application and indoor storage of de-icers to reduce impact to groundwater
  • ongoing training of employees of sound environmental practices
  • all equipment is diesel powered with 91% Tier III compliant. Our goal is 100 % compliance in two years.
  • no idle policy
  • recycling of all office paperwork and scrap metal
  • proper disposal of oils and waste
  • in depth training of employees in spill management and control
  • capital acquisition of smaller more fuel efficient service vehicles with a longer useful life
  • replacement of trucks in favour of smaller more fuel efficient equipment

Snowman complies with all environmental legislation and standards. We strive to conduct our operations to minimize our environmental impact and look for continual improvement in the delivery of our services.

A small difference worth the effort and benefits for the future.

July 13, 2024

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